I’m Jenni-Kate.  I’m an intimate wedding and elopement photographer and the boss babe of Raven and the Willow.

I’m a midwestern girl living the bi-coastal life with the tallest, sweetest, and silliest hubby there is.  He also happens to be my second shooter and business partner. We travel the world telling peoples love stories while also searching for perfect lattes, craft cocktails, and yummy food.

My passion is people and their connections to one another. Most of my childhood was spent around adults. I sat through dinner party after dinner party with nothing to do. My favorite thing became finding photo albums in other people houses. I loved them! While the adults chugged martinis I would pour over old polaroids, faded images from the 70s and tattered wedding albums. I loved how they made me feel. Nostalgic for moments I wasn’t even there for. Tangible memories. I later became the girl that carried a camera everywhere she went. (Before everyone had an iPhone)

I’m all about capturing timeless imagery full of feeling and authenticity. The gorgeous and the messy.  I am way more inspired by emotion than perfection. Posed stiff photos are not my thing!  Let’s avoid awkward, cheesy, and precious. Give me the real stuff.

The Little Things

I LOVE to travel!

I pretty much run on coffee, Aperol Spritzers, and dreams.

I’m only 5’3 but my husband is 6’5. We’re like Pinky and The Brain.

I love dogs. If there’s one at your wedding I’ll probably talk to it like it’s a person.

I love Jesus but I have a mouth like a sailor. Don’t worry... I won’t cuss in front of your Mawmaw.

I have naturally curly hair. If you get married in a humid climate I may end up looking like a fancy Fraggle.

I can quote every episode of "F.r.i.e.n.d.s." In case you're wondering... I'm a Monica with a Pheobe soul.

I love chocolate covered gummy bears. I might be the only person that buys them...

I used to be a Disney Princess. I have so many stories. lol

I have been obsessed with David Bowie since childhood.


Hi... I'm Bryan

I’m Jenni-Kate’s others half. I’m her second shooter, assistant, problem solver and comedic relief. I laugh a lot and really loud.


I cry…like really easily.

I don’t hate anything…except olives. Barf.

I’m super weird but who wants to be normal.

I love tacos, all of em, and I’m on a quest to find the single greatest carnitas taco!

I married my best friend and my soul mate and I met her on Myspace.

If you have an accent and we start talking, I might accidentally have that accent. Sorry!

I have 6 different ways to make coffee in my house. I’m not obsessed, YOU’RE OBSESSED.

My wife calls me travel dad and I have to admit I like having a plan.

I’m an open book, if you wanna know more let’s get a coffee…or a beer.

Deep inside me lives a soul singer from the 50’s.

I love people, I HAVE to be around them.