"Promise to stay wild with me. We'll seek and return and stay and find beauty and the extraordinary in all the spaces we can claim. We'll know how to live. How to breathe magic into the mundane." - Victoria Erickson


The good stuff… the laugh out loud… jump up and down… bring you to your knees stuff. The quiet intimate moments that usually go unseen. The perfectly imperfect. Belly laughs, ugly cries, bear hugs, drunk dance moves! Good people, good food, good music, long stories, and true love!

All the feels!!

What's life without our connections and relationships to other people. A wedding is the ultimate celebration of just that. It's a time to live in the moment, relax and have fun with the people you love most. We believe in helping you do just that. We aren’t paparazzi, we aren't taking yearbook or prom photos. We are there for the raw genuine moments. We are there to document and preserve one of the best days of your life and we will be there with you every step of the way. We will laugh with you. We will probably cry with you. We will definitely dance with you!

If you want perfectly posed, traditional, and or manicured images we probably aren't your jam. And that is totally okay! You should have a photographer who's style resinates with you!

Our Couples

Our couples are less traditional. They're down to earth and up for an adventure. They don't mind wind in their hair and dirt on the shoes. They'll dance to no music, embrace all the silly things we ask them to do, and run around with us like maniacs. They have a free spirited approach to their big day and want creative wedding photographers that feel more like friends. They dream of photos that are authentic and unique to them.

Feeling > Perfection

If this sounds like you...