Vintage Inspired Backyard Wedding at the Houdini Estate | Jaime + Matt

When Jaime messaged me about photographing her intimate wedding I immediately texted Bryan with excitement. This wedding sounded like a dream! She shared her vision of the perfect intimate event full of personal touches, vintage details, “twinkle light porn” as she described it and yummy pizza for all. Then the kicker… It was all taking place at the Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills! Ahhh.

If you know me, you know I love old creepy things.

So the thought of a wedding at an Edwardian Mansion built in the early 1900’s and owned by a legendary magician had me wildly giddy! 

What’s even better than an epic AF haunted harvest themed wedding is an epic AF couple! Matt and Jaime are incredibly creative, funny, and warm individuals. They describe themselves as “Dharma and Greg” and it’s such a perfect description of their dynamic. Her whimsical free spirited approach to life is the perfect match to his calm yet clever and inviting presence. They are both insanely funny and find silly ways to share their sense of humor with those around them. Surprise dinosaur appearances at the reception and the bride riding an inflatable swan across the swimming pool are just a few examples of their contagious and fun zest for life.

On top of the humor and chill vibe, the details were SO GORGEOUS. Jaime made her own bouquet complete with “Sea Floof”. Chels, a close friend of the bride, made her a spiritually charged custom hair piece with quail skulls, feathers, garnets and tiny pearl colored beads that an Egyptian bride once threw to Jaime when she was a child visiting Egypt. <—— How is this story real?! So cool!! The quilt they stood on at the alter was a quilt that belonged to Jaime’s father from Okinawa and has been in her family since 1974. Personalized weddings make my heart so happy!! 

I’m insanely happy we got to be part of this magical, quirky, special day! Cheers to Jaime and Matt and their unstoppable big time love!

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