Playful Hoboken Engagement Session | Justin + Mark

Ok I have to just say it… I’ve been terrible about blogging, like microwaved french fries terrible but I’m making a conscious effort about being better. I honestly think we owe it to all these amazing couples to showcase their love. 

Speaking of…meet Justin and Mark. They’re both Broadway actors, wildly in love and clearly not attractive….said no one EVER! Holy Foxy! 

I was super excited when I found out they wanted to shoot with us. I met Justin back in my “less than nostalgic” waitress days. He always just had this warmth about him. Constant positive energy and joy! He also became good friends with my hubby Bryan (the bartender at said establishment) 

Fast forward to him being engaged to the love of his life! 

We had never met Mark so their engagement shoot was our first introduction.  First off, he looks like a modern day Errol Flynn. Tall and dashingly handsome… pulls off a mustache flawlessly. But what an amazing human!!! Soulful and wise… gentle and full of that same joyful spirit Justin has. What an unstoppable pair!

Mark is from Wales and new to New Jersey but Justin is Jersey born and bread. We decided to embrace Justin’s home state and wander around the streets of Hoboken. 

Justin and Mark are SO DARLING.

Capturing their love was effortless. They would spontaneously start dancing, rough house, and give each other piggy back rides. It honestly felt like I just showed up to crash one of their dates. 

We talked about life and family, New York, acting and Mark’s life back in Wales. Mark’s Welsh accent just tosses his adorableness to the next level. 

We got Turkish coffee at Jefferson’s Coffee and explored a tiny chunk of Jersey, full of industrial buildings, vacant lots, and an inviting beer garden. We thought we stumbled on an abandoned warehouse; turns out it was a recording studio….Um. COOL. 

We are beyond lucky to call Justin and Mark friends and are so fortunate to be part of their love story. Their chemistry is exuberant and infectious. My hope is that everyone finds a love like theirs! 

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