Vasquez Rocks Adventurous Engagement | Tara + Ari

I have wanted to shoot at Vasquez rocks for a while! It’s such a crazy cool landscape and feels like another planet… which would totally explain why it was frequently used for filming. Parts of the original Star Trek series and the cult classic, Bills & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, were filmed there!

I was so stoked Tara and Ari were the ones I got to shoot there! I’ve never been more enamored by two people’s chemistry. I often stepped back and didn’t say a word… just let them interact. I kept apologizing for not giving them direction because their natural instincts were so much better than anything I could come up it. Tara and Ari spend most of their time long distance. I know that life. Bryan and I were on opposite sides of the country for the first year of our relationship. It sucks. Tara and Ari definitely have us beat though. Ari is from NZ and frequently on the other side of the world while Tara’s home base is LA. In case you were wondering that’s a 13 hour flight, barf! You’d think they’d be in a perpetual state of jet lag but not true.

When they’re together its pure magic!

Tara happens to be one of the funniest women I know. I love how disarming it is when a gorgeous woman surprises everyone by being wildly goofy and undeniably hilarious. Its the best. Knowing Tara, I was so excited to get to meet this handsome kiwi who had stolen her heart. Well, let me just say… I was so charmed. Ari was sweet and witty. He is wildly enamored with Tara and his gentle yet silly behavior towards her was crazy adorable. The two of them have their own language and can communicate without even talking. I often say when I shoot that I’m third wheeling but this was beyond true with Ari and Tara. I felt like I got to just sit back and watch a modern day love story. It was like being let in to a very special secret.

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