Brooklyn Couples Photography | Becca & Stevie

Whenever possible I try to not reschedule for weather reasons. Mostly because sometimes when you embrace the elements magical things can happen. Snow, rain, wind… to me all spell romance. 

Stevie and Becca, being adventurous free sprints, didn’t even flinch when it started thunder storming the day of their shoot. Thrilled they were still down to shoot I headed off to Brooklyn to photograph two wild love birds in the rain. We opted to shoot on the rooftop as oppose to trekking around the city and it turned out to be the best idea! Also, rooftop access in Brooklyn is pretty much a dream so… 

Between the heavy grey skies, city views all around and the wind whipping their hair every which way it ended up being the perfect romantic vibe with two of the sweetest souls around. 

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