These two came to us by happen stance. Bryan witnessed them get engaged at a rooftop bar in NYC. He approached them, congratulated them, and told them they had to let us take their engagement photos. Creep!  Luckily they weren’t totally weirded out by Bryan and they agreed!

They were visiting from Canada and were only in town for one more night. Lucky for us they were willing to spend their last night in New York shooting with us in Gowanus. As usual, Brooklyn laid on the charm complete with Sherbet colored skies!

Since we had literally just met we asked them a ton of questions while romping around Brooklyn. We learned all about their love story. Teigan is a hair stylist and Ashley had booked her for a haircut. Immediately smitten, Ashley found herself coming in for trims several more times before a trim would ever actually be needed. Teigan finally realized their was probably a reason Ashley kept booking appointments she didn’t really need. With basically no more hair to cut, Teigan took a chance and asked Ashley out! The rest is history and now Ashley has free haircuts for life.

We are so thrilled they were down to go on an adventure with two strangers on their last night of vacation!

Huge congrats to these two cuties!


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