I could not wait to photograph these two!! Caley and Kelsey are professional tap dancers! That’s right… like Fred and Ginger! They tour the world performing and teaching. Pretty much-bringing joy happiness, and timeless glamour wherever they go! Because they spend so much time in elegant retro garb under stage lights, I really wanted to capture adventurous engagement photos in a casual, natural environment. Just T-shirts and jeans and plenty of sunshine!

Aside from their raw talent and effortlessly cool vintage vibe, they also happen to be two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Kelsey has possibly the best laugh of all time and Caley is a pro at making her giggle uncontrollably. It was a perfect day getting to chase them around sun-soaked Malibu, California. They both showed up carefree and ready to let us third… (and forth) wheel their lighthearted and giddy romance! To see these two in action, follow their Instagram @CaleyandKelsey

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