Man sunrise is early y’all. The light though… gosh the light makes it so worth it!

Ana and Garrison are impossibly attractive even at 5:30am. I luckily was behind the camera because I looked like a exhausted scrap rat. It also doesn’t help that Bryan wakes up bouncing of the walls like rainbows and confetti. Coffee before Talkie! Am I right?

With giant coffees in hand we met this gorgeous couple at the bottom of Runyon Canyon right as the sun was starting to wake up Los Angeles. We decided to start at the top to utilize the marvelous view from Runyon. On a clear day you can see everything from Downtown to the Pacific. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite hiking spot for lots of Angelenos! We were reminded of just how cool Ana and Garrison were when we realized that the path Bryan had led us up, was like scaling baby Everest. They continued to laugh through the impromptu rock climbing excursion and were still in good spirits when we arrived to the top, sweaty and even more exhausted. We shot through the warm glow of sunrise, played with all the dogs who passed by, and took in all the beautiful the crazy city of Los Angeles has to offer.


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