When you’re Los Angeles wedding photographers, you get to shoot at some pretty unique locations but our sweet day at Julianna and David’s new home is still in our top ten.

I LOVE in-home sessions. Couples in their own space just livin’ and lovin’. There’s nothing better.

Julianna and David have the cutest California bungalow in the heart of Los Angeles! Complete with lots of well looked after plants and a graffiti wall in the backyard. It’s pretty much my dream home! Julianna is a professional DIYer and organizer so it’s the most darling space on the planet. David is a writer and has the best sense of humor. Their playful romance was a blast to capture.

We spent the day with them while they made fresh guac, snuggled, and laughed their butts off. They also happen to be wildly photogenic! After exploring their sweet cozy home and chatting about basically everything, we ended the day by all going to Korean BBQ in K-Town. It was glorious. Bulgogi for the win. 

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