Charmlee’s endless beauty creates a perfect place for an engagement session or even a backdrop to an elopement or small wedding. There are big beautiful trees, golden fields, stunning views of the Pacific, and even happy little lizards crawling across the rocks.  It couldn’t have been a prettier day and these two were down to get adventurous.

True Love.  It radiates from Colten and Brenna so effortlessly.  It made our job so easy.  We just got to show up and capture all that passion.  We met these two at another wedding we shot in Malibu.  We remembered them instantly!  They were amazing; a warm and fun couple.  When they sent us an email about their engagement we couldn’t wait to get behind the camera.  We met them at Charmlee Wilderness Park and El Matador Beach in Malibu, California. 

We left Charmlee to grab some amazing sunset shots at El Matador beach.  If you haven’t been to El Matador, or any beach in Malibu for that matter, stop reading this, book a flight to LA, and cruise up the PCH for some breathtaking views…and maybe some In-N-Out.  One would think sunny SoCal beaches would equate to warm water…not so much.  As we mentioned, these two were up for whatever we threw their way!  They tackled the freezing Pacific hand in hand and it was amazing!  They were able to channel so much passion even though they probably couldn’t feel their legs. We’d happily share a beer with Brenna and Colten any day!  Cheers guys!

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